MetaBlox Released the Genesis Miner NFT That Will Be Pre-launched on the Binance NFT

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MetaBlox – a leading Decentralized Wireless Network (DWN) and Decentralized ID (DID) sector launched the first miner pegged NFT with mining abilities on Binance NFT on the 23rd of August 2022.

Features of the Metablox New NFT Collection

MetaBlox new NFT– Genesis Miner NFT– is a crypto mining NFT that will link to a miner that will offer the general public free Wi-Fi at a specific location.

The holders of the NFT collection will also receive passive income ($MBLX) from the miners.

The Genesis miner NFT has a crypto mining function that makes it valuable, showcasing how its web3 utilities will promote the market evaluation of NFTs.

Since MetaBlox NFT is linked to a hot spot miner, the holders earn $MBLX tokens for each of them.

This is a result of the NFT cloud mining utility and NFT holders will begin to earn crypto from the 12th of December, 2022. The operating cost is free for the holders of the NFT but they will still earn their profits.

Holders will also earn crypto through other lucrative utilities such as:

VIP Community Pass

The MetaBlox NFT will also serve as a VIP pass to the community which will give them access to exclusive events, airdrops from GameFi partners, enhanced revenue from Defi partners, as well as other services.

NFT Staking

To earn more cryptocurrencies, holders can stake their MetaBlox NFTs. The opening of the staking pool where holders will deposit their MetaBlox NFT will take place on the 12th of September and holders will get $MBLX every time they stake their NFTs.

The staking pool will close on the 12th of December when they will deposit all the profits into wallets. The flexible staking will allow holders to withdraw NFTs from their pool freely and keep their past earnings.

Ecosystem Compatibility

Soon, NFT holders will get the opportunity to receive co-mining tokens from ecosystem partners since MetaBlox has been designed to accept tokens other than $MBLX.

In the last NFT NYC, the MetaBlox team displayed how the MetaBlox miners and app work together. The apps he linked to a miner and it calibrates it to receive the $MBLX.

Metablox has also joined some of the World’s leading open roaming networks alliances such as Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and W-Fi Alliance (WFA) to distribute WiFi hardware and services to various parts of the world.

In 2023, there should be a total of 2.5 million MetaBlox roaming nodes and 500 thousand MetaBlox mining nodes serving more than 25 million users.

The co-founder and Team Lead of MetaBlox– Jeffery Manner– said that it’s an honor to develop the first miner-pegged NFT.


MetaBlox has made a huge mark on the NFT space by being the first to launch a miner-pegged NFT. This will serve as a stepping stone to more advanced and bigger projects in the future.

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