Mirandus Launches Another Playtest

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Mirandus – a world of fantasy from Gala games– built on blockchain technology – is set to release another playtest on June 21st, 2022

Mirandus released the first playtest in November 2021. And this playtest allowed players to earn Materium ($MTRM) as they shoot globins while playing the game.

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game developed in 2020 from the Gala Games blockchain.

Players can create their content on Mirandus. The platform also affords them the luxury of chosing a character and owning any item they want. The items available to players include, shops, lands, and cities.

The players can also choose to be whatever character they want to be such as hunters, blacksmiths, farmers, traders adventurers e.t.c.

The adventurers will need items such as food, and armor repair to go on their mission, the blacksmiths will need wood for their work, the hunter will sell meat to the butcher, and so on.

This provides a transaction line and keeps the players busy as they enjoy the game.

The players make use of marterium as a source to make their weapons, transfer items from one place to another and reinforce their armors, heal their wounds, and restore their strength.

How to Earn Materium in the New Playtest

To earn materium in the playtest, players need to first have the Mirandus NFT– Exemplar NFT– in their wallet on the 17th of June at 3 pm, the purchase of the NFT after this date will not give you access to the playtest. 

Eligible players will have to log in and try to kill the dummy globins using a bow which seems quite easy. After a successful attempt, a green check mark will show on the user interface.

The players will need to play the game once and the reward they will earn will be based on the number of Exemplar NFTs they have:

  • The Human Exemplar offers 100 $MTRM per NFT
  • Orc/Dwarf Exemplar offers 400 $MTRM per NFT
  • Halfling Exemplar offers 1,000 $MTRM per NFT
  • Elf Exemplar offers 4,000 $MTRM per NFT

This shows that players with more Exemplars will be rewarded with more Materium. Also, anyone with the globin card will earn 100 materium for each card they have.

Closing Thoughts

The launching of the new playtest provides holders of the Exemplar NFT a chance to earn more Materium. 

The eligible players should take their time and give their best as they attempt to play the game.

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