Monotype and KnownUnknown Releases Helvetica the NFT

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Monotype worked in collaboration with KnownUnknown to release a new NFT collection– Helvetica the NFT.

Different artists around the world created the NFT collection. The artwork tells a unique story and celebrates the significance of Typography in culture.

About Helvetica the NFT

Monotype and KnownUnknown recently launched a new NFT collection called Helvetica the NFT.

The partnership shows the role of typography in culture while developing new forms of expression, accessibility, and commerce.

Several artists working on platforms such as graphic design, footwear design, photography, and branding developed the artwork through the use of the Helvetica art variable.

The Helvetica art variable is the most digitally optimized typeface ever created. Monotype and KnownUnknown also teamed up with the Avalanche blockchain to allow the minting of the NFTs.

Alice Palmer– The SVP of Marketing at Monotype– made a statement saying that Typography drive today’s world and culture and the ability of artists to create new forms of expression and share them with their communities has not been more accessible.

The SVP also added that the collaboration has produced a unique artwork that celebrates the role of Helvetica in the new marketplace.

Artists that Contributed to the Launching of the Helvetica the NFT Project

To create the Helvetica NFT project, several artists from different backgrounds and experiences came together. Some of these artists include:

Margaret Calvert

The artist is popularly known for designing many road signs in the UK, she participated in the project with her first ever NFT collection.

Paula Scher

Paul Sher is one of the most prominent designers in the world and also works in collaboration with the New York office of distinguished consultancy, Pentagram.

The artist contributed three unique artworks to the Helvetica project.

Vicky Vuong

Vicky Vuong, an electron microscopist turned sneaker artist transformed the warped Helvetica fonts into a sneaker thereby creating a unique pattern that translates into two unique designs.

Other artists include Kunel Gaur, Julian Montague, and Wayne Lawrence just to mention a few.

Design enthusiasts can purchase NFTs from the artists beginning from the 14th of July at the price of $100, $250, and $500 depending on the level of rarity.

The holders of the token will also have access to the artists they admire and the opportunity to be part of the community of design enthusiasts that are members of the KnownUnknown ecosystem.

The founder of KnownUnknown–  James Sommerville– commented saying that KnownUnknown motivates and elevates different communities through human connection, collaboration, and innovation.

He also added that working with Helvetica and its Monotype font provided an opportunity for their design project to interact with traditional models and also align them with new ways of working with web3.


NFTs have gained a wide range of popularity among so many and interest in digital art continues to grow. 

Therefore, the experimentation of NFTs in typography is still in its beginning phase. 

A lot of activities in typography such as digital type posters, behind the scene drawings, access to galley shows, typeface downloads e.t.c, are yet to be explored and can be shared with fans via NFTs.

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