Oases Introduced a Mainnet of NFT Marketplace With INO Platform

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Oases – an on-chain and non-custodial NFT marketplace that runs on the Ethereum blockchain just announced the launch of a mainnet on the 24th of August 2022.

The mainnet powers decentralized trading and enhance buying, selling, and minting of NFTs between users.

About Oases New Mainnet

Oases is a decentralized non-custodial Ethereum-based NFT marketplace.  

The platform just introduced the much-awaited mainnet after many months of testing through the testnet.

In June 2022, the marketplace celebrated its beta launch. And made its testnet open to the early birds to get a response from the public.

A lot of individuals took part in the Oases beta testing campaign and received a lot of rewards.

The platform also got favorable responses from the public and some of these responses obtained were that it had a user-friendly interface, allows easy minting of NFTs, and listing experiences.

The goal of the platform is to impact the global NFT space. And it views itself at the cutting edge of the Metaverse. 

Also, Oases is among the first non-custodial NFT marketplaces that allow seamless minting, trading, and transfer of NFTs between investors, traders, and creators.

In addition to this, there is no charge on minting fees for the members of the community under the basic mode.

To celebrate the mainnet launch, the platform is giving an 80% service fee discount for one month and also a reimbursement event on gas fees.

At the end of the event, their platform will only charge a fixed 2.5 percent charge on service fees.

The Innovative Features of the Oases Marketplace

Oases aim to solve the problem of centralization, delayed royalty payments, censorship, and little innovative features via its user-friendly platform that makes use of smart contracts.

Oases v1.1 has an Advanced Trading mode that will allow artists to list their NFTs on Ethereum. And collectors to buy NFTs using smart contracts showing the true decentralization in the web 3.0 world.

Also, Oases v1.1 ensures an Instant Royalty payment feature that provides holders with up to 50 percent discount on secondary market sales of NFTs. 

The creators will receive the royalties immediately through on-chain transfers once they have carried out the transactions have been.

Furthermore, the platform provides users with outstanding rewards such as Batch Order Cancellation. This will enable users to cancel their listings in batches rather than doing it individually.

There is also a unique Initial NFT Offering (INO) launchpad dubbed Seedpad. It also consists of a creator verification system.

The Seedpad was created to bring solutions to the current challenges around NFT drops. It is a crowdfunding solution that allows the public to invest in lucrative NFT projects.

Through the features of the Seedpad, NFT creators can sell “tickets” to interested buyers. And there will be a decentralized draw to select the lucky winners. While others will get the royalties from the secondary sales of NFTs.

Looking Ahead

Oases intend to implement a deposit-to-earn feature that will allow users to earn income passively by depositing NFTs and farming rewards.

To promote its community, it offers a creator verification system that will reward active investors with long-lasting bonuses such as low fees and personalized services.

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