Oneof Partners With Globe Entertainment to Launch New NFT Collection

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Oneof recently announced a new partnership with Globe Entertainment and media to launch a series of NFT that will serve as a connection between the physical and digital worlds.

Oneof Collaboration With Globe Entertainment 

The NFT platform has partnered with Globe Entertainment to introduce pictures of popular artists, comics personalities, and moving images of celebrities and other social events to the web 3 space.

They will also launch the Legend of the Rock: Summer of Love to celebrate the Monetary Pop festival’s 55th wedding anniversary. 

The project also features Jill Gibson known for launching the Rolling cover shot of Jimi Hendrix from the real version of the 1967 event.

The CEO of Globe entertainment– Klaus Moeller– commented saying that it is a delicate process to combine our analog memorials with our virtual future.

He added that Oneof has a history of working upright while dealing with historic I IP and the company knows that they will be a perfect partner that will assist them to realize the vision.

Details of the New NFT Collection

The NFT collection will consist of 99 copies of each of the photographs available at the event. They also plan to print and sell the physical copies together with their digital replicas.

The printing of the photographs will be on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 188GSM and each will have a unique identification and an autograph by Jill.

Each purchased piece has a secure virtual certificate of authenticity with inspiration from the rock and roll photography curator– Chris Vranian – which will ascertain the ownership of the limited version of the NFTs.

According to the CEO of the web 3-based platform– Lin Dai– the digital proof of ownership is recorded on the blockchain unchanged and will not only penetrate digital assets but also provide authenticity to physical assets.

He also said that we live in a universe world that is a mixture of physical and digital experiences and that NFT is a bridge that can link this in various ways.


Oneof and Globe entertainment have launched a limited NFT collection with guaranteed security and authenticity.

They will sell the NFT collections together with their original versions and this will be a way to link both the physical and digital worlds together.

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