Otherside Metaverse demo kicks off with 4,500 participants.

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The project’s Otherdeed NFTs sold more than $1 billion worth of units as  4,500 people took part in the first trip into the Otherside Metaverse.

The long-awaited first trip took place on Saturday. It was open to Voyagers, otherwise known as Otherdeed NFT land owners, who bought tokenized land plots in the Otherside virtual world. It seems to have been an enormous success, as many fans in the community took to Twitter to share their excitement about it.

The first Otherside Metaverse trip

The 4,500 Voyagers joined a blank virtual lobby as Voyager avatars before following a giant Bored Ape through a colorful portal into the Otherside Metaverse. Once the Voyagers got to a place called the Biogenic Swamp, they were led to a stadium in the middle of the area where they could try out different activities with their avatars, like dancing, running, jumping, and emojis.

From there, they could explore a few other areas and interact with the environment, with giant creatures walking around that would attack Voyagers if they got too close.

According to Yuga Labs, only owners of Otherdeed and third-party developers would be able to access Otherside Metaverse during the early testing phases of the project, which include several “trips.” However, the team said these Voyagers would be able to give critical feedback on the platform and essential things like software development kits and tools for building in-game.

Yuga Labs Puts on Lite Paper immediately after First Trip.

Shortly after the first trip went live, Yuga Labs put out a “light paper” that explained how Otherside works and how the project will move forward. There will be three phrases at first. So far, only the first one has been talked about.

In the first phase, there will be a story mode with 11 parts about a “mysterious Obelisk” that has shown up in Otherside. Users will also be able to find out what they can “harvest, craft, trade, buy, and sell” in the game.

Voyagers will play a big part in shaping the core capabilities of the platform through exclusive events, playtesting opportunities, and as co-developers of our Otherside Development Kits (ODKs),the lite paper says, adding that:

“We’re starting development on Otherside with Voyagers, our first adopters, and believers, to plant the seeds for a successful community. They are critical to the history of Otherside, and they are invited to join the Voyager’s Journey.”

Yuga Labs reported that they are building the platform with the community in mind, with “genuine” asset ownership, and with interoperability so that NFTs from other projects can work with it. The team will also include incentives and support from “established and respected” partners in the crypto space, such as education, experience, and leadership.

About Otherdeed NFTs

Since its launch in May, there has been growing interest in the Otherdeed NFTs. According to data from CryptoSlam, the collection has sold more than $1 billion worth of items in just three months. Based on this number, Otherdeed was the seventh best-selling NFT project of all time.

Yuga Labs’s other original projects, BAYC and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), ranked as the third and fourth best-selling NFT projects of all time, with sales of $2.3 billion and $1.6 billion, respectively.

In Otherside Metaverse, 200,000 plots of land are represented by tokens. The floor price of NFTs on OpenSea is 2.87 Ether (ETH), which is worth about $3,900 at the time of writing. But these prices are usually for land plots that are smaller and not as good.

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