Polarys Launches Its Genesis NFT Collection

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Polarys – a web3-based company that aims to deliver NFTs with a wide range of utilities consistently to brands – just announced the launch of its new multi-chain matching engine and is also set to launch its debut collection of NFTs.

The exclusive NFT will only last in the market till the 31st of August after which the remaining NFTs will burned.

About the Polarys NFT Collection

The Polarys venture promotes the creation of NFTs with utility and allows holders access to utility NFTs and a chance to win numerous rewards.

The Polarys Genesis mint will take place on the 31st of August 2022. The holders of the NFT collection will receive real-life rewards and an airdrop of 25,000 POLAR tokens worth $1000.

The price of each NFT is $300 USDC with a maximum sale of 2,500 units after which they will burn the unsold NFTs.

Rewards of the Polarys NFT Collection

There are several rewards available for owning the Polarys NFT collection and they include:

  • Access to sales of private tokens
  • Exclusive access to PolarysDAC
  • Whitelisting for every campaign 

that will launch on the Polarys platform

  • Discount and Cashback from collaboration projects.

According to the CEO of Polarys– Selin Suntay– The company believes that there is a need to offer the traditional web 2 market with a trusted and easy market that is centered on utility NFTs as well as end-to-support from easy onboarding to reward and invoice management.

About Polarys

Polarys sees the worth of the community and its role in day-to-day businesses and helping creators connect to their audience.

The team is also introducing web3 to modern-day businesses and changing the way that they deal with customer loyalty, and involvement, by unlocking the power of community with NFTs.

Also, Polaris wants to simplify the onboarding process, enhance customer relationship management, generate new ways to involve the members of the community, and create new income schemes for companies and brands.

To achieve this, the company has been working hard to build a multi-chain minting engine that will play a major role in facilitating the web3 onboarding process. for web2 brands, creators, and entrepreneurs.

The multi-chain minting project is one of three major projects that the company will launch on the Metris Andromeda chain. The company also intends to launch a complete utility marketplace and one-click wallet in the future.


Polarys has just launched a new NFT collection with a lot of utilities for its holders.

The minting of the NFTs will only last till the 31st of August after which ch they will burn the remainder. Interested buyers should purchase their NFTs before the deadline to get full access to all the amazing benefits.

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