Polygon Founder Raises $50M For A New Web3 Start-Up.

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Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal‘s new company, Symbolic Capital, is the most recent firm to raise funds for a Web3 course. This is because Symbolic Capital is focused on the blockchain.

Getting Blockchain Products across the globe

Sandeep Nailwal is a crypto entrepreneur and the founder of Polygon. Together with Kenzi Wang, who co-founded Cere, they were able to raise $50 million from investors. (They didn’t give the names of the investors, though.)

His new company, Symbolic Capital, which focuses on backing new projects that build customer-based DApps, received the funding. Polygon created this start-up to help businesses because it wants to speed up the development and use of Web3 apps. In short, the goals of Symbolic Capital and Polygon are the same.

“My main goal is to get a lot of people to use Web 3, and that can only happen through apps. It’s not like I’ll build a blockchain and then people will use it. No one uses blockchains directly. “They always do it through an app,” Nailwal said.

Symbolic Capital has already invested in three blockchain-based companies: BlinkMoon, Planet Mojo, which is supported by Polygon, and Community Gaming.

Sandeep Naiwal knows how hard it is for projects in emerging markets to grow. For example, Polygon was started in India, and the founder said, “It was hard to find VCs who believed in our vision and skills as founders.”

“It’s not closed to anyone who wants to build in Silicon Valley. But since I’m from India, I would be an angel investor or a consultant for 95% of all the good projects that come out of the Indian subcontinent. They would come to me for help or advice in some way,” Nailwal said.

How the Journey began

In 2019, Sandeep Nailwal met Kenzi Wend at Binance Labs. Nailwal says that since then, these two have invested in more than 40 businesses. Nailwal also said that Weng knows the Chinese market and how the Web3 ecosystem works there. On the other hand, Nailwal knows a few things about how investors in emerging markets like India think. When you put these two together, you’ll get a big picture of countries all over the world.

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