Polygon Studios and Polkapet World to Launch NFT Collection

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Polygon studios and PolkaPet– a brand owned by Forj – recently teamed up to launch a new set of pets NFT collection– Polygon Pets.

About the NFT Collection from polygon studios and polkapet

The inspiration for the three characters comes from three popular large cats in India known as: The Royal Bengal Tiger (Paarja), the Indian Leopard (Baiyun), and the Clouded Leopard.

Furthermore, prominent members of the Polygon partnered in the creation of the characters of the NFT collection and they will come in four variants: Majestic Pearl, Opulent Diamond, Noble Onyx, and Royal Sapphire.

Also, each of the variants will come with a higher value of utility in the industry initially for the Polygon brand and some characters that will allow players to take part in the Metaverse experience in Sandbox.

Additionally, this experience will allow them to receive rewards for taking part in virtual games and competitions.

About the PolkaPet World

PolkaPet World is an NFT developed in collaboration with some famous names in the Polkadot ecosystem. Also, each PolkaPet is seen as an artistic creation that represents a particular Polkadot project.

All PolkaPets consist of a unique project-specific utility to reward the members of the community for keeping their PolkaPets in their wallets.

The utility comes in various forms, it could either be a discount on payments, airdrop tokens to PolkaPet holders, and other utilities.

The $PETS token is the native token of the platform and users can carry out transactions in the PolkaPet world, allow governance rights, and also take part in the exclusive sale, with it.

The Polkapet World Team Lead– Harry Liu– said that having the Polygon team on board with their unique collection of Polygon will offer their community a new area to explore.

He also added that he is eager to introduce everyone to the three new characters created by leading artists in the industry.

About Polygon studios

Polygon is a top-ranking blockchain platform and it offers a scalable, sustainable, secure, and affordable blockchain platform for the web 3 space.

The VP of Game design of Polygon– Charnjit Bansi–  in a statement said that Polygon Pets signifies their foray into the world of pets with Forj and it opens up opportunities for participation of fans in their projects.

The opportunities for gamified experience also include Metaverse activations that are vast and will attract a new set of audiences to the Polygon ecosystem.


Polygon has just ventured into a new dimension in the NFT space by launching the Polka Pet NFT collection. The NFT collections created by leading artists in the industry provide exclusive utilities for the holders.

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