Portchie Is the First South African to Launch a Generative NFT Collection 

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Jan Hendrik also known as Portchie – a South African artist– has broken a record for being the first South African to sell a series of generative art in the form of NFTs.

Details of Portchie’s New NFT Collection

Portchie is a famous Artist in South Africa and has sold over 18, 000 physical artworks. 

Now, the artist has ventured into the NFT space and is making use of a randomized digital generator to launch only 1,000 NFT collections beginning on the 25th of August 2022.

Portchie teamed up with a group of creative technologists to develop a system where there will be virtual creation of NFTs. 

With this, different varieties of hand-painted elements will be randomly selected and mixed to generate a one-of-a-kind virtual artwork.

Benefits Of Owning the NFT Collection

The holders of the NFT collections will have exclusive access to a high-quality print of their digital artwork with an autograph of Portchie.

The artist will also accept a limited request from holders who will like to own a painted copy of their digital artworks.

Those interested can get a place on the whitelist either by joining the “Cycling by the Riverside” community via Discord or by subscribing to the website’s newsletter to receive email and also information on when the sales go live.

About Portchie

Portchie is a South African artist whose artworks became famous in 1991 after he sold his huge solo exhibition and also in 1995 after he launched an art studio known as “The Red Teapot Gallery ”.

The art studio attracted other art galleries in Stellenbosch to start purchasing his artworks.

Portchie’s artworks consist of active colors, irregular shapes, and blue trees and are interpreted as a “burst of joyful color”.

Since the inception of his artworks, the artist has sold over 18,000 physical paintings and over one million prints across the globe.

The artist made a statement saying that art brings joy to his eyes and mind and it is special for him.

He added that the NFT project called ” Cycling by the Riverside” is very thrilling not just because he is a digital artist but because he can achieve a thing like this.


Portchie has made history by being the first South African to launch an NFT collection.

The holders of the NFT collection will have a signed digital print from Porsche.

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