Protocon and Open meta merge to create a metaverse NFT Platform

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Protocon now has a new partner – Open meta. Protocon is a public blockchain project and it just made public its partnership with open meta.

Open meta is a web 3.0 company that builds software to make it easy for inventors of games to work within the metaverse.

The Aim of the Protocon-open meta Collaboration 

Protocon and Open meta have interest in creating an NFT platform in the Metaverse. And this led them to enter a strategic business agreement with each other. 

Open meta has a real estate platform– Open Meta City –in the metaverse launched in January. The platform has sold up to 106,000 apartment units located in 10 regions of Seoul since its inception.

The company provides an opportunity for prospective buyers to sign up for a real apartment unit within the Metaverse. They have already documented a competition ratio of 6000:1 in June.

Protocon wants to blend its blockchain Technology with Open meta’s real estate platform to develop a user-friendly environment. Where they will enjoy exciting content in the Metaverse.

The CEO of Open Meta– Heejong Park– said that they are excited to work together with Protocon. He also said that the excellence in blockchain business development ability of will allow users to interact with an “always-on” digital environment.

Protocon’s CEO– Myung-San is also delighted with the partnership. He said:

“Protocon has proven the excellence of its technical solutions in the market , and it has released yellow papers ‘Contract Model’- an alternative to the smart contract and ‘Fact Hash’- technology that securely connects heterogeneous block chains”.

He also said that Protocon’s partnership with Open Meta is in line with the vision to create a global blockchain-based metaverse platform.


Protocon and Open sea have agreed to combine their unique features to create an environment where they can derive pleasure from a variety of contents in the metaverse.

Both companies have also agreed to help and grow the NFT sales. And also foster advertising and marketing on the sales platform.

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