RECUR Teams Up With Emoji® To Bring Characters To Web3

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RECUR partners with the emoji® brand to release the first emoji® NFT collection, the “emoji® forever: the first drop”.

This collection includes 2,222 PFPs of an exciting poo emoji® character, with sprinkles of color and more.

RECUR, an innovative multi-chain NFT platform together with the emoji® brand will bring colorful, humorous, and language-defying emoji® characters to life in the web3 world. 

RECUR and emoji® launch the first NFT collection

Emojis are one 21st-century symbol for expression that is redefining how we communicate using new technology. The emoji® company wants to introduce this core element of global communication language into the Web3 world.

Barry Dingle is the first character introduced in this collection. In fact, he is a new unique character that you can purchase from the the22nd of September.

The RECUR Founder and CEO Zach Bruch commenting said that “Emojis in digital communication is a core element, from texting to Twitter, they bring joy to our days and fill our 🌏 with color and personality,”

He also said, “We’re thrilled to bring this expressive brand to life in Web3 with the introduction of official emoji® NFTs, going beyond letters and numbers, and lending a voice and personality to Web3 with the emoji icons our fans know, ❤️, and use every day.”

RECUR Pass Holders get special NFT access

The “emoji® forever: the first drop” is the first collection of many for the RECUR and emoji® collaboration. The brand hopes to expand and grow across the web3 space. 

The Greatest benefit of joining RECUR and becoming a Pass Holder is getting access to the wide range of also get to buy them first, ahead of the public. Amongst the companies and products available through RECUR alongside emoji® are Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, and many others.

Finally, from September 22nd, you can join the emoji® NFT community and get your very own Barry Dingle poo Emoji®.

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