Revuto Launches Revulution NFT With Lifetime Access to Netflix and Spotify

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Revuto– a Croatian-based digital subscription startup– just announced that it is launching the “Revulution” NFT collection. This will guarantee a lifetime subscription to Netflix and Spotify services beginning from the 11th of July 2022.

How Do Revulution NFT Collection Work?

The mode of operation of Revulution NFTs is quite simple. 

First, Revuto will work in collaboration with banking provider Raislr (formerly known as Railsbank) to give NFT holders a debit card that they can use to make payments for NFT and Spotify subscriptions.

Also, in partnership with, Revulution NFTs allows trading at various crypto exchange platforms providing a secondary subscription marketplace.

This new feature will enable NFT holders to sell their NFTs when they no longer want to use their subscriptions.

When users sell their NFTs, their debit card will become deactivated and a new card will be available for the new NFT owner.

The “Revulution” NFT Will Only be Made Available to a Limited Number of Buyers

The limited edition of the revolution NFT will available to only 10,000 interested buyers. It will also grant the holders lifetime access to Netflix and Spotify as long as they hold the NFTs.

The Price of each NFT cost about $349 per piece. Users will also get a unique code after they purchase their NFTs in the Revuto app. This will grant them access to the virtual debit card that they can use with Netflix and Spotify.

The launching of the Revulution NFT will be on Monday, 11th July by noon on the Revuto website. Interested buyers can purchase their NFTs using cryptocurrency, debit, or credit cards.

According to– Josipa Majic– the co-founder of Revuto, the Revulution NFT for Netflix and Spotify is just the start. 

He also added that Revuto is introducing something new to the world of subscriptions that will create a new market of prepaid unused subscriptions.

About Revuto

Revuto is a Croatian digital subscription startup company. Revuto created an app that will help users manage their subscriptions hence helping them to save money. 

The company already has up to three million sign-ups for its app and generated up to $10 million in 2021 alone.

Revuto already has up to 350, 000 active users which play yed a huge role in making them decide to create the Revulution NFT.

The CEO of Revuto– Vedran Vukman– said that the company has decided to give the community what they asked for based on the feedback they got from their 350, 000 subscribers.

He also said that it is a solution that can guarantee a stable subscription fee that they can straightforwardly share with their relatives and friends.


The Revulution NFT is an NFT with a clear utility and the offer is quite unbelievable! 

By creating the Revulution NFT, Revuto aims to allow users to efficiently manage their subscriptions and also create a digital subscription market that is fair and equitable.


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