Rotate Releases New NFT Collection: The Theresa Dress NFT

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Rotate, a popular fashion brand based in Copenhagen just launched a new set of NFT collections right before the Copenhagen fashion week. The NFT collection features the brand’s signature Theresa dress.

About the Rotate New NFT Collection

Rotate launched into web 3.0 by releasing its first NFT collection before the Copenhagen fashion week for the new season slated to hold from the 8th to 12th of August.

The dress was converted into a virtual wearable through Augmented Reality (AR) on the snap chat app.

The fashion brand wants fans to try the dress on for themselves after it is made public and sold in stores. Fans can now try the dress after the fashion show on the 11th of August.

It is important to note that the Theresa dress NFT is not the only NFT that the brand will release. Other NFT collections by the brand will also be available.

The brand has plans to launch about 80 Rotate NFT collections. These NFTs will give access to exclusive rewards such as AR try-on, early access to new releases, and bonus NFTs that the brand will release soon.

The NFT Collection Will Be Available on “The Dematerialised Marketplace”

The launching of the Theresa dress NFT series will take place exclusively on” The Dematerialised” and this will symbolize the beginning of a virtual ROTAT3 verse built in partnership with MOJOMOTO

The Dematerialised is an NFT marketplace for fashion and lifestyle founded by Karina Nobbs that aims to build and nurture the evolving digital fashion environment.

The approach of the platform to web3 has built a digital fashion environment that affects the way fashion brands manufacture their products. 

The ROTAT3 NFT collection will make fans try the dress without accessing the real-life version of the dress. The Theresa dress also known as ROTAT3 Phygital NFT is available at the price of €800 which is approximately 817 USD on The Dematerialised marketplace.

Also, the ROTAT3 Digital NFT is available at €80 which is equivalent to $82 and provides rewards such as early access to upcoming releases from ROTATE.


The THERESA dress is a new NFT collection to look out for. The launch will take place on the 11th of August. 

The NFT collection comes with exciting features such as an advanced AR try-on process, the NFT in animation, and a fitting physical dress.

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