Royal Hawk NFT Is Building a Positive Community Through Blockchain

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A lot of NFT artists see NFTs as a chance to effect change in society instead of just filling their pockets with NFTs.

Since this initiative came into play, NFTs have become an effective way to mobilize funds for important causes such as supporting marginalized artists through NFTs which is a way of adding positive changes to The community.

Advantages of the Royal Hawk NFT Collection

The Royal Hawk NFT offers the lowest royalty fees in the market at 3.9%. This will make the secondary marketplaces thrive and allow NFT collectors to keep profits to themselves instead of losing a large part of the profits to royalties.

The majority of the royalties in the market fall within the range of 7.5% to 10% excluding the 2% service fee. Therefore, users pay an estimate of 9.5% to 12% of the NFT as royalty.

Royal Hawk NFT will allow holders of the NFT collection to make more than 50% profit compared to other NFTs in the marketplace. 

Minting Price of the Royal Hawk NFT Collection

The minting of the Royal Hawk NFT will take place on the Solana blockchain for 3 Solana/Mint and a total price of 9,999 collections. 

The holders of the NFT collection will have access to a growing community growth that will allow them to explore the Metaverse together.

The date of the minting has not yet been announced but it will take place on the official Twitter page and Discord server of the platform.

Royal Hawk Is Mainly Community Based

Royal Hawk has built a community Led Fund (CLF) that obtains 9.9% donations from earnings derived from secondary marketplaces. Members of the community can submit a request to make use of the community-led funds.

Then, the members of the community will determine who the funds will go to by voting. The Royal Hawk is used for making significant movements, innovations, and branding. The Royal Hawk will move in a direction that is in the interest of the community.

Royal Hawk believes in the advancement of communities and it makes its vision, mission, and values to be in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). 

These goals consist of good health and well-being, quality education, industry innovation, and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, peace, justice, affordable and clean energy, and strong institutions.

Royal Hawk will also analyze the Metaverse potential to advance the project.


Royal Hawk is a platform that seeks to advance the community through the production of NFTs.

To know more about Royal Hawk, you can visit the official Twitter page and Discord server of the platform.

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