RSC to Combat Gender Inequality with Funds from NFT Mint

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The Racing Social Club (RSC) is committed to fighting gender inequality in racing. And recently the club announced it launch into the web3 space with an NFT collection. The club also proposes to launch a full scale attack on gender inequality in racing with funds realized from its NFT mint. The monetary requirement for admission into the racing field is a major point of concern in the fight against gender inequality. The cost of getting in is huge and has therefore hindered so many from getting into racing. 

This requirement has created a huge gap between those that can pay to get in and those that do not have the means to do so. Simon de Silvestro, a test and development driver at the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E Team reacted in an interview. De Silvestro stated that beginning a career in the racing field is a big investment. However, through fundraising, RSC hopes to ease the financial burden.

The gender gap in racing recently became a subject of discussion. Women find it difficult to compete favorably in racing because it is dominated by males. And the RSC is doing everything possible to fight against it. 

What is RSC?

The Racing Social Club (RSC) consists of 3,333 racers selected randomly on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The RSC NFT consists of a collection of different utilities ranging from eSports events, race weekends, VIP experiences, fund voting rights, and lots more. RSC also aims at taking a special spot on web 3 and the racing industry by raising a community of fans and NFT enthusiasts.

Additionally, the RSC raises funds as well to curb the financial drawback that exists in the racing industry.

The RSC team will also work together with their racers to help the club grow and also provide exclusive packages and rewards to members of the community.

How RSC NFT Hopes to Combat Gender Inequality 

The RSC collection mint will hold on June 29 and the focus of the project is charity. In fact, the RSC architecture enables it to give out to the community. To curb the financial struggle, the RSC will dedicate 30% of royalties from transactions made from secondary market fees. These fees include the RSC NFT collection, and place it in its funds.

The RSC will also take the structure of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). And this will give members the right to vote and agree on the beneficiaries of the funds.

Furthermore, to handle the issue of gender inequality, the RSC hopes to enlighten the public and create awareness until there is no gender difference in racing sports. 

Final Thoughts

The concept of financial and gender inequality has invaded the racing industry and the RSC is doing everything possible to combat it.

In this day and age, financial restrictions or gender shouldn’t be a determining factor for a person’s involvement in the racing industry but this is sadly the case.

The community is hopeful that the involvement of the RSC and its fundraising strategy, will drastically reduce inequality.

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