Salvatore Ferragamo and Shxpir Partner to Launch NFTs

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Salvatore Ferragamo partners with Shxpir for its foray into the web3 scene

Luxury fashion brand, Salvatore Ferragamo has partnered with Shxpir as it embraces web3 and Non-Fungible Token (NFTs). This move adds Salvatore Ferragamo to the list of fashion brands launching into the NFT space. 

The fashion brand launched an NFT booth in New York City that will allow customers to create and mint their Ethereum NFTs with variety of traits. Visitors will get these new NFTs for free but the numbers are limited since only about 256 NFTs are available for mining.

Ferragamo is partnering with Shxpir to take this major leap into web3. Shxpir is a prominent artist that will guide the brand to create the traits and elements of the NFTs. 

More About Shxpir

Shxpir is a renowned digital artist that works on 3D art designs. And this is not the first time the artist is working with Ferragamo. In the past he has helped the brand design items such as T-shirts and Sweatshirts.

Shxpir has also worked for other fashion brands such as Coach. The artist helped the fashion brand design a holographic and colorful NFT incited by one of Coach’s handbags.

Daniella Vitale, CEO of Ferragamo in North America stated the reason for the collaboration with Shapiro. According to Vitale “the artist reflects the energy of New York City and Soho”.  She also added that he can match grit with luxury in a way that others cannot.

Salvatore Ferragamo NFT Booth in NYC

Salvador Ferragamo opened an NFT booth in NYC that will give customers a wide range of experiences. The company also said in a press release that this new action is distinct from what other fashion brands have done in the past. Furthermore, the company knows how intimidating web3 is but the new project is crafted to explain the system better. The project will also make it easy for newbies and novices without wallets to take the necessary steps to make an entry into the NFT space.


Fashion brands are increasingly getting involved in the web 3 space and are launching their NFTs. Other fashion brands such as Gucci, Lactose, and Louis Vuitton have also released their NFTs to provide a better experience for their customers. In the end the involvement of these top fashion brands in web 3 will also serve as an encouragement to other upcoming brands to join in and become part of the digital space.

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