Slick City Releases New Inclusive Fashion Forward NFT Collection

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An Ethereum-based NFT project, Slick City recently announced the launching of a new NFT collection with the desire to bring a new, compelling initiative to the world of NFTs.

About Slick City’s New NFT Collection 

The NFT collection consists of about 4,444 distinct artworks with top fashion and a half-human/half-alien feature.

Lea Lorraine– a fashion and media influencer– led the project which has a sci-fi-themed futuristic structure and is built on values such as governance, equality, and identity.

These principles are a priority to Slick City as they seek to create a Metaverse where the citizens will have equal rights irrespective of their gender, color, fashion sense, or thought pattern.

With the help of Lea, Slick City has been able to design creative clothes and accessories for its residents.

The NFT collection will be on marketplaces such as Opensea and distributed both in virtual and digital forms.

Slick City also intends to display its NFT collection in some Metaverse fashion events such as Victoria VR.

Benefits of Owning the Slick City NFT Collection

The NFT holders will get a matching physical collection creating a connection between the digital and physical worlds.

And the team will also pioneer a community that will allow holders of its NFT collection to relate with people of like minds.

Holders will be able to connect with others and take part in discussing topics about gender and racial inequalities, mental health, LGBTQIA rights, environmental awareness, and other problems of society.

The holders of the Slick City NFT collection will automatically become members of the community and will be able to participate in both its physical and virtual events and network with other individuals within the same jurisdiction.

Members of the Community also have voting rights via a decentralized governance system called the Slick City Democracy and can take part in the decision-making process of the body.


The aim of Slick City Surpasses the release of an extraordinary NFT collection or development of a powerful community. 

The project also wants to effect a change in the community by assisting organizations that support its core values.

After the sales of the 4,444 NFT collection, the project will donate a percentage of the proceeds to charities like Clean Air Task Force, Planned Parenthood, Girls not Brides, and more.

Slick City has promised to incorporate charities even in its future NFT launch to assist more organizations.

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