Steven Galanis Loses BAYC and Otherdeed NFT to Hackers

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Cameo, a platform led by Steven Galanis, just suffered an attack from hackers. The platform had BAYC NFT collections which were $9000 worth of $APE together with three other plots of land.

About the Steven Galanis Hack

Stephen Galanis was recently hacked and it led to the stealing of various NFTs and other related items from his Opensea. He declared this to over 18,000 people who are his followers on Twitter.

There is only a little that can be done concerning the hack. Stephen Galanis can only request that Opensea freeze the stolen NFTs and close his account on the platform. He also asked Opensea and Yug labs for help on his tweet.

Once those that carried out the hack have been identified the NFTs can be gotten back but this rarely happens.

The community also shared their thoughts on the hack. Some members showed deep concern while others indicated their interest in crypto was declining because of activities like this.

Cameo’s Involvement In Cryptocurrency

Cameo is an NFT-based organization led by CEO Steven Galanis. The platform launched their NFT called “Cameo Pass” in February which consists of 6000 limited editions of NFT artworks.

The organization aims to develop an NFT-based community that will consist of Cameo talent and fans as well as web3 enthusiasts.

The mining of the NFT was initially 0.2 ETH and now on the secondary NFT market, they are sold at 0.1 ETH on Open sea.

During the launch of NFTs, the platform stated that the Cameo Pass will serve as a membership pass to a community of fans, and web3 enthusiasts which will allow holders to participate in Virtual/IRL events, merch, and other upcoming activities.


The occurrence of fraudulent activities in the NFT space is increasing daily. It is important to take extra measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Security measures such as the two-step authentication and the know your-customer procedures can be carried out to decrease the rate of hack.

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