Szabotage: Street Artist Launches New NFT Collection on Quidd

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The famous Hong Kong street artist, Szabotage, will launch a new NFT collection on Quidd, an Amonica Brand’s NFT marketplace. 

The NFT collection has the title “Stencil Tongue” and it conveys the signature style of the artist into the Metaverse. The launching of the new NFT collection will take place on the 27th of July 2022.

Further details on the New NFT Collection “Stencil Tongue”

Szabotage, one of the famous contemporary street artists returned to the NFT space. He plans to mark his return with the launch of a new NFT collection-the “Stencil Tongue”.

He will launch the collection in the latter part of this month on Amonica Brand’s NFT marketplace– Quid. The marketplace will handle the minting process for the collection. 

Furthermore, the NFT collection features Szabotage’s fascinating art style. The artist is well known for integrating secret languages and hidden meanings in his artworks. Thus, the new NFT collection ” Stencil Tongue” is not an exception.

For instance, the holders of the first two sets will have the luxury to create their stories using Szabotage’s private stencil. This idea will bring a new meaning to the combination.

Also, the Stencil Tongue NFT collection will consist of an ultra-limited print series of collectibles that Szabotage customized himself!

Why Szabotage Chose to Partner with the Quidd Marketplace

Quidd, which comes from the giant Amonica Brands, is one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the world. The marketplace came into existence in 2016 and has continued to blossom since then.

Since its inception, Quidd has worked with top-ranking organizations such as HBO, Disney, and other leading organizations to release NFT drops. The platform now has over 300 projects in its NFT marketplace. 

The NFT platform aims to partner with Szabotage to bring his exclusive art style to the digital space which will make it accessible to a wider range of NFT collectors.

More About the Street Artist: Szabotage

Sabotage is one of the famous street artists of this age. He is fascinated by spray painting and has a logo with the image of a koi fish which stands for strength and fortune– his two favorite attributes.

Sabotage makes use of stencils to create innovative artworks uniquely exploring different areas.

The artist has gained popularity amongst many and has worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ritz Carlton, and more. Some of his artworks sold for over $10k in the past.


The creation of the “Stencil Tongue ”NFT collection makes Szabotage the first artist from Hong Kong to mint NFTs.

Generally, the Stencil Tongue is a collection of the artist’s creative beliefs, thoughts, and inspirations. NFT collectors can start purchasing their NFTs from the 27th of July on the Quidd marketplace.

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