Technine Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary With Free to Mint NFT

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Technine Limited (technine) recently announced it is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with the launching of 3,333 free NFT collections powered by NineBlocks Limited.

Technine is a blockchain solution company that is concerned with bringing a free mining opportunity to the public and also advancing blockchain technology.

Unique Features of Technine New NFT Collections

The inspiration for Tech Nine new NFT collection – Shiba9– came from the Shiba Inu puppy that is used generally as emojis in various IT forums and the market.

The Shiba9 NFT collection is a unique NFT that features IT elements that signifies that technine is an IT solutions company.

The NFT also contains messages of blessings, wealth, fortune, and good health to the holder of the NFT in the post-pandemic period.

Collectors can get their whitelist tokens and mint their free NFTs by visiting the Shiba9 NFT website.

The Chief Operating Officer– Lucas Mo– of Technine in a statement said that Shiba9 is a free NFT collection and anyone can get a whitelist token through the Shiba9 NFT website to redeem a free NFT.

He added that the company aims to provide a free minting experience to the public and advance technology rather than making profits on its 3rd anniversary.

Blockchain Experts at NineBlocks Shiba9 Minting Tool

A group of blockchain experts at NineBlocks– a new company built by technine were responsible for developing the Shiba9 NFT minting tool.

The team of experts also provided advice and helped the enterprise to embrace the new technology that will transform their business and launch them into the web3 era.

The Chief Technology Officer of technine and NineBlocks– Ryan IP– said that technique is also partnering with a list of gaming companies and global digital asset enterprises to promote their Metaverse and crypto exchange platforms.

He also said that NineBlocks will be focusing on Decentralized Applications (DApps), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, and smart contracts projects


Technine sees blockchain and NFT as a fundamental compone of IT in the future.

The company will keep exploring the different ways of implementing NFTs and blockchain technology and also leverage its immutability, transparency, and data security for the public and other industries.

The Shiba9 NFT is available for minting to the public this July. Collectors can log in to to mint their NFTs and celebrate with technine as they mark their 3rd anniversary.

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