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Meta Nebulas is a platform that combines Social Mining, DeFi, and NFT. called the trending SocialFi NFT platform. It is a platform that supports crypto community engagement. It uses social platforms, NFT collectibles like digital artworks, and DeFi staking. This SocialFi project is introducing a new way you can socialize and make money.

In Meta Nebulas’ SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, users have to complete missions with the 1.0 NFT. They also started SOLARIX single asset stakepool, which has an APR of up to 340%. As a SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN reward, the platform has given out 600,000,000 SOLARIX, and 1.5 million IONZ up until today. The game platform now has more than 10,000 users, and the number of fans with wallets has reached 18,000.

Time to share some good news from Meta Nebulas!

On August 15, the platform commenced its pre-sale for Daily Hour. Daily Hour is the first real watch that the gaming platform has made for Meta Nebulas 2.0. So, what does version 2.0 have?

There are two ecosystems in the platform 2.0. The METAMOVE-AND-EARN and METASOCIAL-AND-EARN. In METAMOVE-AND-EARN, users could put on the Daily Hour and do any kind of exercise in an hour. Meta Nebula’s system will automatically figure out how to reward fans who METAMOVE-AND-EARN!

In METASOCIAL-AND-EARN, users just need to invite some friends with Daily Hour and get together offline. This could be for tea, dinner, jogging, or any other activity. METASOCIAL-AND-EARN users will be able to harvest rewards in IONZ!

About the platform

META NEBULAS is a platform made up of a few components, like Social Mining, DeFi, and NFT. It is also called the SocialFi NFT Platform. “Meta” in META NEBULAS comes from the Greek prefix “meta-,” which means “after” or “beyond.” The term is usually used to describe the idea of a future version of the internet that is made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a “virtual universe.” The word “nebulas” came from the word “nebula,” which is used to describe any diffused astronomical object, such as galaxies beyond the Milky Way. 

In META NEBULAS, people are united, and they ensure that they’re all similar to crypto punks on other planets so that social collaboration can be achieved. So, Social Mining, DeFi, and NFT are all arranged into one concept, called META NEBULAS. 

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