The New Owners of Crawley Town Raise £3 Million After WAGMI NFT Launch and Adidas Merger

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The new owners of Crawley Town FC raised £3 million following the launching of their new NFT collection, WAGMI United NFT.

WAGMI United is a crypto group– led by Preston Johnson and Eben Smith – that took over Crawley Town FC also known as the Red Devils in April.

Crawley Town partners with Adidas

Crawley Town recently launched its new NFT project in partnership with Adidas. 

The new owners of the football club have sold over 9,000 NFTs since the launching of the NFT collection.

The NFTs sold were bought with the cryptocurrency known as Ether for about £355 per NFT.

The holders of the NFT will have access to a range of bonuses such as the ability to participate in the decision-making process of the club, voting rights as well as access to other exclusive experiences, merchandise, and digital content.

The large number of sales made is approximately four times the average attendance in league two last season.

WAGMI United Promises to Invest all the Proceeds From the Sales in the Broadfield Stadium Club

WAGMI United which stands for We’re All Gonna Make has made a promise to invest all the proceeds from the NFT sale into the Broadfield stadium club.

The club is already taking steps to achieve this. This summer, the club signed its league two’s top scorer with 25 goals– Dom Telford– from Newport. The club also, signed talented defenders– Travis Johnson and Don Conroy.

The co-chairman of Crawley– Preston Johnson– in a Twitter live chat said that they will provide unprecedented access to how the club should run daily or weekly through this technology.

He also said that the holders of the WAGMI NFT will have a say in the big decisions the football club will be taking whether it’s access to the training sessions, how the club spends money on events, or the position the club should put funds towards and so on.


Crawley Town has just made a huge profit from the sale of its NFTs and the holders of these NFTs will have a say in any decision that the club is taking.

The sale of these NFTs is a way of generating income for WAGMI United and in turn, providing exclusive benefits for NFT owners.The new owners of Crawley Town FC raised £3 million following the launching of their new NFT collection, WAGMI United NFT.

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