Thomas Edison NFT Project Auctions Rare 1913 Electric Vehicle

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Edison LightX also known as Charmsori Edison club recently teamed up with the Thomas Edison Science Museum in South Korea to put the original 1913 electric vehicle up for sale as one of their real-life NFT assets.

Charmsori Edison Club Brings a new Initiative to the NFT Space

Charmsori Edison club has just introduced a new initiative to the NFT space involving the iconic American figure, Thomas Edison, which will drive their NFT project.

This began when Luckman– a web 3 start-up company based in California declared via Twitter it will be including real-life assets together with 10 of their unique legendary NFTs which they will release for minting on August 17th.

The real-life assets will consist of the light bulb designed by Thomas Edison which means that the holders of the NFT will own the original version of Thomas Edison’s bulb designed in 1880.

The CEO of Luckmon – David Son – commented saying that this is something that the company has been working on together with their partner, Morrowbogi, and the Director of Charmsori Edison for some time now.

He added that the Director and President of Charmsori Edison Museum– Son Sungmok has agreed to sell 10 of Thomas Edison’s original light bulbs as real-life assets with 1 to 1 NFTs.

He added that the real-life asset ll serve as proof of ownership, the director has also agreed to work with Luckmon to auction the 1913 electric vehicle made by Thomas Edison together with the Light project.

About the 1913 Electronic Vehicle Auction

Thomas Edison got inspiration from a Junior colleague, Henry Ford, (founder of Ford motors) to make his vehicles using an alkaline storage battery to power them.

This led to the creation of 3 electric vehicle prototypes. Over the years, one of the vehicles disappeared leaving two behind. The director of Charmsori Edison Museum has one of the vehicles together with its charging station.

The other electric vehicle is at the Henry Ford Museum of American innovation located in Dearborn, Michigan.

The director of Charmsori Edison Museum did not fully disclose his reasons for auctioning the electric vehicle but he said that he wants the world to remember Thomas Edison and his contribution to modern technology.


Introducing Edison’s electric vehicle to NFT space will serve as a remarkable reminder to the world and will help commemorate the impact that Thomas Edison has made on the world of Technology.

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