Veefriends Releases New NFT Drop: Iconics With Gilang Bogy

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Veefriends recently launched a new NFT drop inspired by the Veefriends series 1 spectacular for its holders. The 1:1 avatars are a colorful mixture of Gilang Bogy’s rare style and Gary Vee’s legendary collection.

Details of the New NFT Collection

The Veefriends iconic collections consist of unique, colorful avatars with various characters from the series 1 collection.

At the moment, the same Iconic characters are seen in the unique NFT style of Gilang Bogy.

The artist also retained the basic traits of the characters and their background and artistic style resulting in unique and beneficial NFT surprise drops.

How to get the Veefriends Surprise NFTs

The Iconic NFTs were not available for minting. Instead, the holders of the Veefriends series 1 characters were given an iconic NFT that matched their characters.

The release of the airdrop took place on account of the snapshot taken on the 15th of April 2022.

Also, the holders of the wallet will have a chance to receive a 12×12 Metarelics canvas which consists of matching Veefriends Iconic characters that the holders can display.

However, the Veefriends Iconic collections are available on secondary marketplaces like opensea.

Other Available Veefriends Spectaculars

Generally, Spectaculars are known as the most important type of rarity of all the Veefriends collectibles.

The team behind the NFT collection sees it as “The holy grail of any given Veefriends character”.

For instance, in the Veefriends series 1 collection, there were five spectacular types which include Hologram, Gold, Diamond, Lava, and Bubble Gum.

About Gilang Bogy

Gilang Bogy is a top-ranking NFT and web 3.0 artist. The artist also featured in the first Ethereum sports and Cryptostrikers.

His works suddenly became the most unique asset in the collection with the title “Iconics”.

Also, the artist introduced the popular Indonesian art style known as Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait (WPAP) to the NFT market. The NFT collection moved from a fractured portrait to a bright color palette.

Currently, his style is needed by famous NFT projects such as Veefriends.


The Veefriends NFT collection came as a surprise drop for the Veefriends series 1 holders. 

Apart from this drop, there are other new collaborations. For example, Gary Vee collections partnered with FrankyNines for a special Gift Goat Gifts #7 last month.

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