Vibin’ Ape Society Is Set to Launch New NFT Collections

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The Vibin’ Ape Society plans to launch a new set of NFT collections that will offer holders exclusive rewards and real-life utilities when they stream music on the Vibed app.

About the Vibin’ Ape Society NFT Collection

The Vibin’ Ape society is set to launch new NFT collections. And the team believes, the collection will transform the crypto space by giving users exclusive benefits for just holding the NFTs. 

Furthermore, holders of the NFTs will receive rewards such as the $VBD token which is the platform’s native token as well as other physical utilities. And to earn the $VBD token, users will have to stream the music app of the platform known as Vibed. So, users will earn points by streaming songs. And they can exchange their points for the $VBD token.

When users receive their $VBD tokens, they can either trade them for other cryptocurrencies on an exchange platform or simply turn them into a fiat currency. This is possible because the team will make the native token available on various centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.

In addition to this, all those that have mined their Vibin’ Ape Society NFT and have connected their wallets to the Vibed app will have access to additional benefits.

What’s Special About the $VBD Token?

The Vibin’ Ape Society team will employ a deflationary measure to maintain the viability and sustainability of the $VBD token.

To achieve this, the team will buy back the $VBD token with about 50% of the proceeds of the sales of the NFT collection.

After the team purchases the token, the tokens will be burned to prevent them from circulating which will reduce the number of tokens available resulting in increased demand and value of the tokens.

Other Rewards for Owning the Vibin’ Ape Society NFT Collection

Apart from streaming music on the vibed app, users will also have access to quarterly rewards in form of the $VBD token.

The holders of the Vibin’ Ape Society NFT will automatically receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the sales of the NFT project that quarter.

The platform will take a snapshot of the wallets of the holders two weeks before the distribution of the income to take note of the total number of NFTs held. This will help the team assess the amount it will disseminate.

Holders of the NFTs will also receive airdrops for the $VBD tokens as well as access to exclusive events all over the world such as concerts, music festivals, and art shows.

This is an avenue for the platform to show its appreciation to the community for their massive support.


The popularity of NFT is increasing with new projects introduced daily, each of them with its unique features.

Locked within the Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs,  are amazing features together with exclusive rewards for its owners.

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