Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR) to change the way cars perform with NFT.

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Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), a GT racing team backed by Lamborghini, wants to change how racing cars are maintained and built. They plan to put an NFT certification system around each part of its car.

VSR and Go2NFT in Partnership 

In this project, VSR will work with the NFT platform Go2NFT to turn the parts of their cars into NFTs. This will enable them keep track of their performance and administrative details. As a result, the racing team hopes to get the most out of their vehicle while keeping costs as low as possible.

Vincenzo Sospiri, a former Italian race car driver and current member of the VSR team, spoke about the new idea:

He said:

“This also means that we have a lot of responsibility to ensure that every part of our racing fleet is secured, authenticated, and audited. We want to keep an eye on performance and prove originality. We are excited to work with Go2NFT and the well-known team at Skey Network on a pilot project to build NFT certification into our cars and other products and to ensure we keep the highest quality standards.”

Also, VSR isn’t just going to use blockchain technology to improve the performnce of its cars. The company plans to roll out an NFT certification program for its other products, like merchandise. This will give its fans a better feeling of trust when interacting with its virtual and real-world stores.

With its latest purchase, Animoca is moving into crypto racing games.

According to Boris Ejsymont, an executive at Go2NFT, their team knows the problems that brands face when it comes to protecting their intellectual property, and they think that NFTs can help. He said;

“We believe that NFT utility can help brands and their fans build trust and be more open. This project with VSR is just the beginning of many more partnerships with well-known brands worldwide.”

How Car Racing Sports is Rapidly Adopting NFTs

In 2022, the worlds of racing and cryptocurrency have been interacting progressively. In February, the Formula 1 racing team Red Bull Racing and the cryptocurrency exchange platform Bybit made a deal worth $150 million. Furthermore, Ben Zhou, the founder of Bybit, said that the partnership helped his team reach out to people new to the crypto space.

In March, joined forces with the Formula 1 team of the car company Aston Martin team. With the deal, will add ads to the brand’s F1 cars. Aston Martin executive Jefferson Slack said that the move would help the car company learn more about the crypto space.

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