VXCP NFT: VERTU Paris Launches Redeemable NFT smartphone

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VERTU Paris has announced the release of its new, cutting-edge NFT smartphone, the VERTU Constellation X Ulm (VXCP NFT). You can only get it by buying one of its 10,555 VERU NFTs.

On the 20th of June, the VXCP NFT collection came out, and each coin cost $5,175 to mint. One thousand of the NFTs are for sale on the Binance NFT marketplace, and the other 9,555 are on Galler.io.

When they make a purchase, NFT holders will have until September 23 to decide whether they want to turn their NFT into a VERTU Constellation X ULM smartphone (to be received no later than February 2023) or keep their NFT and join the new VERTU 3.0 Business Club.

VXCP NFT features

Most people will find it hard to decide because, first of all, the phone itself is not only a mix of cutting-edge technology and high fashion, but it also costs almost three times as much as a VXCP NFT when it is brand new ($14,890). It has a very fast performance package that includes an Octa-core processor and 12GB of RAM. It also has a sleek design with high-end hardware solutions like a 50 MP camera with multiple lenses, a complex security system built in partnership with privacy experts Communitake, and more.

Those who decide to keep the VXCP NFT will get access to the VERTU 3.0 Business Club. This gives holders the chance to attend private events with a variety of successful people from the company’s 300,000 private buyers list, the VERTU 3.0 Club, and other company Hall of Famers like Elon Musk, Stephen Joseph Squeri, and other successful entrepreneurs.

No matter what path they choose, each person who mints a VXCP NFT will also have the chance to win a series of prizes worth at least $4.68 million. The prizes include cryptocurrency payouts worth $20,000 to $100,000 for every 79 NFTs sold, as well as four Bentley Bentaygas with special VERTU colors and interiors that will go to the grand prize winners.

During the mint, VERTU Paris will also give $500,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières, an international, independent group that helps people in need of medical care.

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