Warner Records UK and Bose Partner to Launch NFT Collection

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Warner Records UK is releasing a new NFT collection– Stickmen Toys in partnership with Bose. The collection contains 5,000 free audio-visual NFTs.

Warner Record is one of the first labels to give NFT collectors complete creative and commercial freedom through ownership of the copyright.

Features of the “Stickmen Toys” NFT Collection from Warner Records.

The NFT collectibles feature rare Bose-themed Stickmen Toys which consist of about 5,000 unique, free-to-mint audio-visual NFTs. 

Furthermore, the Stickmen project has a music track that originates from different basslines, drums, sound effects, melodies, and vocals.

The holders of the Stickmen Toy NFTs will have access to a free set of Stickmen toys, Bose Quietcomfort  45 headphones, or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker.

According to the Vice President, Audience and Strategy at Warner Records– Seb Simone. NFTs are an extension of the artist-fan relationship. And it gives people the opportunity to invest in an artist’s future and in turn provide value.

He added that the company is proud to be the first major label with authentic ownership of underlying audio-visual rights that is free to collectors. He also said that the organization is thrilled to partner with Bose to add further value to the project.

Bose Chief Marketing Officer –Jim Mollica– also spoke on the merger. He said the company is delighted to bring one-of-a-kind themed Bose NFT to the collection with Warner and Stickmen Toys.

He also said that participating in an emerging web3 space is an innovative way to bring power and sound music to the community with the same passion.

Stickmen Project Collaboration with Kapsule and Probably Nothing 

The NFT collection also came from a collaboration with the tech-culture partner capsule– Kapsule–. And it incorporates music, art, and technology into one space. 

The Stickman Toy project also joined forces with the Web3 outfit –Probably Nothing– by Jeremy Fall to bring it to life.

The founder of Kapsule– Joey Tadier– said that NFTs have made the crypto space fun and they reignite a sense of nostalgia. The company wanted the Stickmen toys to have that. So they decided to incorporate them into the web3 world where Imagination shape creations.

The founder of Probably Nothing – Jeremy Fall– was also excited about the project. He said it is rare to see projects that combine art and music, let alone see them released by a major label for free.


Warner Record and Bose have just released their free NFT collection. It will give holders access to live events, physical collectibles, international brand collaborations, and other upcoming initiatives.

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