Wawa Launches New NFT Collection: Hoagiefest NFT Sweepstake

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Wawa, a private company based in the US that offers catering services, recently announced the launching of the Hoagiefest NFT Sweepstake. This competition will present awards to winners both as NFT and the original version of the reward.

About the Hoagiefest NFT

Wawa just made its first venture into the virtual world. And this move comes with the iconic Hoagiefest NFT Sweepstakes that enables consumers to win NFT and Hoagiefest swag pack.

The inspiration for the Hoagiefest NFT came from designs of past and present Hoagie commercial illustrations.

These illustrations led to the creation of about 5000 unique Hoagiefest NFT collectibles which consist of 12 rare, unique NFT avatars and 5,000 generative NFTs that consist of various backgrounds, accessories, and hoagies.

The Director of Brand Strategy and Experience for Wawa– Todd Miller– spoke on the competition. He said that the company’s Hoagiefest campaigns have fun visuals ranging from the Hoagie wrappers, T-shirts, commercials, e.t.c.

According to Todd Miller, the company is excited to bring a brand new strategy to Hoagie through NFTs.

He also said that Hoagiefest NFT 2022 was inspired by the company’s iconic artworks over the years which their customers have come to love and he hopes that the NFTs will give customers the chance to be part of Hoagiefest history.

How to Participate in the Hoagiefest NFT Sweepstake 

To participate in the Hoagiefest NFT Sweepstake, interested persons should visit the link www.wawa.com/hoagiefest-nft-giveaway

Participants should visit the link on 8th July- 24th July and share their contact information. Wawa intends to award winners with over 5,000 NFTs and a lot of tangible prizes. 

The combination rewards for the winners are as follows:

  • 3,950 winners will get one generative rare.
  • Then, 50 winners will get a generative rare, an NFT T-shirt with their NFT design, and a Hoagiefest Social Swag pack.
  • 11 winners will also get one rare, a Wawa NFT avatar, a T-shirt that fits their NFT design. These gifts come with a Hoagiefest social swag pack.
  • Also, tne winner will get a rare, Wawa NFT avatar in co-branded with Reese’s, a personal T-shirt that fits their NFT design, a Hoagiefest social swag pack, and Reese’s swag pack.


Wawa has launched into the NFT space through the release of its Hoagie Sweepstakes. This will allow customers to win amazing prizes with a chance to be part of the Hoagiefest history.

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