Zed Run goes for gold with its purchase and upcoming token launch.

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The great horses at the ZED RUN stable are off to a galloping start in the Q3 of 2023, they also announced that they will launch a governance token soon. It all started when the parent company, Virtually Human Studio (VHS), bought the services of Know Your Horses, an analytics platform for horse racing.

Zed Run to release its token

After months of waiting and several delays, ZED RUN will throw caution to the wind as it prepares to release the ZED Token to the world. It has already been said that long-term NFT holders on the virtual horse racing platform will be rewarded with an airdrop, with the type of horse and length of ownership playing a role in the possible windfall.

Also, the people at VHS have taken over Know Your Horses, the leading ZED RUN analytics platform. As a result of this move, some of its trademark statistics will be directly integrated with the ZED RUN platform, and more access to the ZED RUN metadata might make it possible to get a more in-depth look at those fantastic horses.

These two moves from the VHS ecosystem reveal mainstream improvement in the blockchain industry. In light of the current situation, many blockchain companies are looking to scale back. However, ZED RUN and its related infrastructure are moving forward at full speed.

Digital Horses are gradually gaining Mainstream adoption

Zed Run usually hosts its horse racing events every hour, seven days a week. The owners pay small entry fees, usually between $2 and $15, to compete with their horses for cash prizes.

These horses being NFTs can’t be petted or given carrots by hand. You can’t just sit in the stands and sip mint juleps as the runners go by.

But unlike most NFTs, which are GIFs, images, and videos that are kept as collectibles or sold for money, each digital horse in Zed Run is a “breathing NFT,” according to the game’s creators.

Roman Tirone, the head of partnerships at Virtually Human, the Australian studio that made Zed Run, said;

 “A living NFT is one that has its own unique DNA.” “It can have babies, has a family tree, and can live on its own. It races, it has genes that it passes on, and it lives by an algorithm, so no two horses are the same.” (Yes, people who own NFT horses can breed them at Zed Run’s “stud farm.”)

Zed Run has sold over 11k digital horses so far

With a limited amount of NFTs available, most have sold for more amount than real horses. One player made $252,000 by selling a stable full of digital racehorses. Another person bought a racehorse for $125,000. The platform has sold more than 11,000 digital horses so far.

Each race can only have 12 horses, and the order of the horses is based on how well they have done in the past. The site uses an algorithm that picks one of 10,000 random results as the condition for the race.

The races happen all day and night and can be seen on Zed Run’s website and its Twitch channel. Zed Run also has a Discord server where people can keep track of race results, share tips, and talk about third-party tools for analyzing data. Users can Livestream their own races and put together new versions of clips for YouTube and Twitch.

How will Zed Run and its token impact the Metaverse

Fans of digital horse racing often talk about the “metaverse,” which is a place where real life and virtual life meet. According to Mr. Greenfield;

“I think Zed Run will be the first digital sport of the metaverse.” “People will become fans of horses and stables and cheer for them. There are horses in the ecosystem that are already well-known. It’s around the world, there are no language barriers, and it’s open 24/7. It’s the best of crypto, NFTs, esports, and streaming.”

In any case, Zed Run is growing quickly as the NFT craze grows and more people learn about digital horse racing. The company has 30 employees all over the world, and it plans to keep hiring. Recently, influencers and athletes have started to put money into space. Jerry Ferrara, who played Turtle on the HBO show “Entourage,” and professional basketball player Wilson Chandler both bought a digital horse.

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