Zigazoo Partners with Moonbug Entertainment to Launch “Blippi” NFT Collection

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Children’s social network Zigazoo recently notified the public about its partnership with Moonbug Entertainment to launch a new collection– Blippi NFT.

This news came after Zigazoo and Moonbug released their first NFT collection for kids. This includes the Cocomelon in-app drop that sold within 48 hours.

About the Blippi NFT for Kids

Zigazoo and Moonberg Entertainment have teamed up to release the Blippi NFT collection for kids.

Furthermore, the NFT drop will allow kids and families to get exclusive access to special characters on the Zigazoo in a new and interesting way.

The Zigazoo platform aims to educate the next generation of virtual citizens on how to positively use social media. It also aims at introducing them to web3 in a safe environment.

Blippi NFT collection will combine the educational goals of Zigazoo with Blippi’s playful programming. And will enjoy Bilippi’s over one billion views from 130 countries monthly.

According to Zak Ringstein – The founder and CEO of Zigazoo– the social platform is thrilled about the next phase of its partnership with Moonburg Entertainment. And they also create ways for media brands to relate with fans through web3.

He also added that the company is opening up a whole new way for kids to connect with their favorite characters. And put a web3 spin on the mail-in fan club he loved as a kid growing up in the 90s.

Owning the Blippi NFT Collection Gives Access to the Blippi Fan Pass

The Blippi NFTs will be one-in-a-kind collectibles that will offer holders the chance to be founding members of the Blippi fan pass.

Holders of the Blippi fan pass will also receive Blippi perks every month for a minimum of one year through the Zigazoo platform including special videos and behind the scene footage. 

The Zigazoo fan pass is introducing a new era of the brand-to-fan culture previously controlled by fan sites, mail-ins, and call/text subscriptions.

Interested buyers can only purchase the Blippi NFT pack through the Zigazoo app. Zigazoo has also invited all its users to take part in the Blippi-themed NFT challenges on the social media platform.

The Blippi challenge will motivate kids to create their video content inspired by Bilippi.

The MD Global Consumer Product of Moonburg Entertainment– Simon Philips– commented on the development. He said that the company is excited to be collaborating with Zigazoo building on the success of the Cocomelon drop.

He also added that the NFT drop comes with exclusive perks that will allow kids to interact with their brand on and off screen, learn new skills, and above all have fun while learning through play.


The Zigazoo NFT collection is built to provide a safe environment for the users.

The NFT collection merges Zigazoo’s Industry leading KidSafe COPPA-certified community with the reliable digital marketplace– Flow.

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