Zilliqa Partners with Alien world to expand its blockchain gaming experience

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Alien Worlds, a blockchain game, and Zilliqa have announced their anticipated partnership. Zilliqa is a blockchain network for layer-1 smart contracts, and Alien Worlds is one of the most popular blockchain games in the world.

How will the Alien world and Zilliqa Partnership look like

Alien Worlds’ partnership with Zilliqa will bring another popular game to its portfolio of competitive blockchain games, which has more than 700,000 active users every month. Furthermore, another unique thing about the partnership is that Zilliqa and its eSports partners are working together to promote game elements in Alien Worlds.

Zilliqa also wants to release a new NFT game and a new blockchain platform next year. In 2022, Alien Worlds released its Unity SDK. It will speed up the spread of blockchain games, particularly on the Zilliqa blockchain. Because of this, the partnership will let Alien Worlds use this SDK to add the Zilliqa blockchain.

On the Zilliqa platform, developers can also show off their games’ DAOs and PvP features. Players can now buy, sell and trade in-game items in the upcoming gaming hub.

Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology, said;

“We’ll give Alien Worlds technical support to make sure the game works well with our Unity SDK and gaming hub. This will be a great addition to our ecosystem.”

The Alien Worlds team is excited about how the blockchain will help them make new DAO tokens once the integration goes live. The way the game works will depend on these tokens.

The partnership to bring competitive gaming to the blockchain

There are a lot of eSports partners on the Zilliqa blockchain. The partnership between Alien Worlds and Zilliqa will make it easier for the blockchain game to bring competitive gaming to the blockchain ecosystem.

Consequently, Zilliqa is now in charge of NFT integration, bringing metaverse features and web3 solutions to the eSports companies listed above and putting them into place.

“Our esports partners give us access to large groups of tech-savvy fans who are very interested in the sport. Head of Zilliqa’s Sporting and Gaming Department Fleetham said, “We’re excited about the idea of building web3 experiences for these fans and giving them new ways to connect with and support the players and teams they care about.”

This partnership will also allow traditional gamers to enter the web3 space as they will be provided more chances of earning rewards in competitive battles. To make this a reality, Zilliqa’s eSports partners will host a challenge for current Alien Worlds players and fans.

About Zilliqa Blockchain

Zilliqa blockchain is a layer-1 low fee, highly secure, distributed blockchain solution. Zilliqa uses a unique technology called “sharding.”

A blockchain is split into several interconnected blockchains that verify transactions. Users pay for transaction fees on the blockchain with the blockchain’s native token $ZIL.

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