AVIGATION partners with AssetMantle to Introduce AI innovations to NFTs

AVIGATION AI, an organization specializing in computing (AI) that identifies potentially viral content, has recently partnered with AssetMantle. AssetMantle is an NFT platform for brands, creators, and collectors built on a robust community.

AVIGATION AI aims to use its cutting edge AI model to hunt potentially viral content and convert it into mintable NFTs on AssetMantle, as part of the partnership. This novel model will nurture and support NFT minting and sales channel management of brands across leading blockchains.

A key factor in the popularity of NFTs is their assesibility. This ubiquitous nature of NFT makes it easier for anyone to invest and earn from the assets.

Furthermore, the accessibility of NFTs depends on those tokens. And these tokens often cover sports, television, movies, and other prominent aspects of popular culture. The convenience of those tokens, from a more practical point of view, stems from the power to tokenize asset ownership, which may then be quickly and efficiently transferred to anyone.

Combining these two technologies will bring the massive market from NFTs. This will further boost the market which is heading towards mass adoption. And also expose it to AI, a kind of technology that typically remains within the backend of software.

The good thing about the AVIGATION and AssetMantle Partnership

AVIGATION AI wealth of data and knowledge in AI modeling is a great asset to the partnership. Because it will enable them find the foremost valuable and mintable viral content across live streams in conjunction with their NFT storefront infrastructure. Additionally, AssetMantle will allow the AI company to be an end-to-end provider for leading publishers, brands, and creators.

Deepanshu Tripathi, Founder and merchandise Lead of AssetMantle, stated.

“This long-term collaboration between AssetMantle and AVIGATION AI blends state-of-the-art NFT features like fractional ownership, composability, decomposability, and interchain compatibility with AVIGATION AI’s proprietary AI model to commoditize trending and on-demand digital moments for NFT collectors and traders.”

Bhavani Ravi, CEO of AVIGATION AI, elaborated further on the value-added from combining these services.

“Through this agreement, AVIGATION AI and AssetMantle have formed a long-term relationship for blockchain and NFT-based commerce. This partnership will transform the net 3.0 game. Because it will boost the speed and the flexibility to mint and publish NFTs”.

This partnership points to the rapid climb and evolution of NFTs at scale. This growth has enabled brands, marketers, and individuals to quickly and efficiently share and promote their experiences through NFT marketplaces and also the metaverse.

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