Azuki BEANZ Collection Partners With Ledger

Beanz collection partner with ledger for NFT
Azuki beanz collection

Azuki’s BEANZ NFT collection has confirmed on Twitter that it will be collaborating with Ledger, the leading crypto physical wallet manufacturer. The Tweet, also shows a BEANZ NFT with a special trait: an Azuki x Ledger wallet held in their hand sort of a briefcase.

Azuki BEANZ partners Ledger NFT

BEANZ announced the collaboration with Ledger was on Thursday, May 5th. It came from a straightforward tweet from the latter party saying. “Just like our hardware wallets, Azuki’s BEANZ are a trusty sidekick you’ll be able to depend upon. And you would possibly notice that a number of them feature a well-recognized accessory”. This was alongside a picture of an Azuki BEANZ character holding an Azuki x Ledger wallet.

Out of the near 20,000 collection of BEANZ on OpenSea, 157 are holding a Ledger, with 6 having a Golden Ledger trait. The present floor price for an everyday Ledger BEANZ trait is 5.59 ETH. For the Golden Ledger BEANZ trait, the ground is 14.8 ETH. These numbers are staggering compared to the collection’s 3.55 ETH floor.

It is unconfirmed what proportion the 2 brands are working together on future endeavours, or maybe what proportion they’re closely working together on this one. However, for all the data, you’ll see Ledger’s Twitter or Azuki’s Twitter for any updates.

About Ledger

To clarify, Ledger may be a cryptocurrency hardware wallet specializing in the protection of crypto-based assets. 4 million loyal customers trust the corporate body. Further, it is recommended by Forbes, Tech Crunch, and Bloomberg. This recommendation cements its place because of the clear leader within the hardware wallet niche. Alongside the wallets they provide, Ledger also focuses plenty on education.


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