Hyundai Motors unveil plans to launch “shooting star” NFT collection

Hyundai motors is the latest corporation launching into the NFT space with its "Shooting star" collection

Hyundai motors unveil plans to launch NFT collection

Hyundai Motors to launch “shooting star” NFT collection

On May 9th and 10th, Hyundai Motors will launch an NFT collection called “Shooting Star.” The 10,000 Ethereum NFTs are a part of a bigger storyline the corporate is constructing. a movie will follow the “Shooting Star” mint where a MetaKong will find a meteor stuck to a Hyundai Pony wiper.

The light mint will adhere to the common delayed-reveal practice seen in popular NFT collections. A placeholder image will sit over the non-fungible tokens until the corporate reveals the particular artwork late May.

Hyundai Motors has been busy in Web3 over the past few months. On April 18th, it announced its intentions to start out a world NFT community. And just afterward announcement, it opened a Discord server and Twitter account solely to grow its NFT influence. The Discord server has grown to 127,000 members, while the Twitter account has around 87,000 followers.

Thomas Schemera, Hyundai Motors’ Chief Marketing Officer, said that the “Shooting Star” collection is that the start of the company’s NFT expansion. The goal is to require the Hyundai brand experience and produce it to the metamobility universe. There, Hyundai NFT holders will have unique opportunities to “join in on the fun.”

The Hyundai “Shooting Star” mint will happen on the company’s NFT website. Hyundai will reserve the May 9th mint for allowlist members, with the May 10th mint being a general sale.

Hyundai adopting Web3

South Korea’s Hyundai stands go in a rustic that has embraced Web3. As Rarity Sniper reported, the “Shooting Star” NFT collection isn’t the company’s first. Earlier this year, it released an NFT set of MegaKongz (the ones that found the shooting star) and has created video clips to travel with it.

Hyundai has also tried to promote its brands using NFTs. Recently, it released a group of non-fungible tokens for its brand Kia Motors. These eco-conscious NFTs carried obvert messages about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

It has taken Web3 beyond the normal realms of Discord, Twitter, and standalone metaverses too. At a Consumer Electronics Show, Hyundai coined the term “metamobility” to seek advice from new technologies helping break people freed from the constraints within the physical realm.

Even Hyundai Oilbank has gotten into the combination, opening up a mixed-fuel station within the Zepeto metaverse.

But there’s little question that other South Korean companies are taking steps into Web3 likewise. In fact, the full country is bullish on the metaverse. such a lot so the govt is investing $186.7 million into Web3 and an eventual South Korean metaverse.

Time will tell how successful Hyundai Motors’ metaverse projects are. But there’s no doubting the company’s enthusiasm for the space.



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