Opensea Discord Channel Hacked!

The NFT- verse suffers another hack in what seems to be a successive targeted attack. This time Opensea suffered the hack.

opensea NFT

With the raging fervor around NFTs, OpenSea managed to emerge because of the largest NFT marketplace in the world. From celebrities to the common Joe everyone flocked to the platform to pocket their very own NFT. Just when the platform was enjoying its success, it succumbed to many attacks that caused monetary loss to several. Even as users and also the platform itself was recovering from the hacks it endured at the start of the year, the official Discord of OpenSea encountered another hack.

Hackers post fake announcement on Opensea following the hack

Tweets claiming the hack of OpenSea discord channel surfaced following the failed Coinbase NFT marketplace launch. A Twitter user tweeted this and noted how YouTube was used to convince investors.

The OpenSea announcement read,

“We have partnered with YouTube to bring their community into the NFT Space, and we’re releasing a mint pass with them which will allow holders to mint their project free together with getting other insane utilities for being a holder of it.

You are able to get this mint pass below for 100% free. There’ll only be of those however, once they’re gone they won’t be returning and you may need to purchase off the Opensea marketplace. Congratulations to those that get one.”

the message, also contained a link to the “YouTube Genesis Mint Pass”.

Has OpenSea partnered with YouTube?

The crypto-verse uses Twitter for important announcements. Partnering with a platform as significant as YouTube will surely spike up the quantity. OpenSea, however, didn’t make any such announcements. Another Twitter user alerted the community to steer away from the phishing link and affirmed the credibility of the hack.

Furthermore, as mentioned within the above message, the hacker found out that there would only be 100 free mint passes. And announced to the Discord channel the sale of 80% of the NFTs Following the first message.

Following this message, the support line of the NFT marketplace confirmed the hack and revealed that they were looking into it.


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