VanEck Launches NFTs to Explore the History of Finance

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VanEck, a global investment manager is seeking to teach people about the real-life utility of NFTs. The company launched its own NFT community yesterday May 2. This project launch was in partnership with global creative NFT agency NUMOMO.

The project is a collection consisting of about 1,000 NFTs. And the aim of this is largely educational. because it incorporates a storytelling and narrative approach to educate the crypto community. The goal of the project is to educate crypto enthusiasts about the history of finance. The project will achieve this through the story of a character Hammy, modeled after a Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. In the course of the work, hammy explores the past, present and future of monetary policy. He also meets other characters who will assist him in his missions.

Holders of VanEck NFTs will have access to other benefits

Holding the VanEck NFTs provide holders with access to an assortment of special benefits. These benefits depend on the category of NFT they hold. And it also may include early access to VanEck’s digital asset research, exclusive invitations to in-person and virtual events, etc.

Furthermore, Speaking on the benefit of the project to holders, Matthew Bartlett, VanEck Community NFT Co-Founder said.

“We’ve designed the VanEck Community NFT to function like a digital membership card, providing NFT holders with exclusive access to a wide range of events, digital asset research and the insights of an inclusive community of digital assets enthusiasts and investors.”

Adding to this JP Lee, VanEck Community NFT Co-Founder also share his thoughts.

“Since NFTs first emerged as a means to showcase compelling digital art, we haven’t overlooked that part of the equation either. Our NFTs will all feature eye-popping 3D avatars and narrative-style videos that will help create a real sense of story and spur discussion, debate and community. Our character ‘Hammy’ is going to be an outstanding guide for anyone interested in seeing the past, present and future of finance unfold.”

VanEck plans to divide the NFTs in the Community collection into three categories. They include the commons, rare, and legendary categories. Holders will also earn access to several benefits. They include, early access to VanEck’s digital asset research and also invitations to virtual and physical events.

The Company initially planned to release the NFTs via airdrop to the first 1,000 people who signed up on the VanEck portal. But the project exceeded their expectation and due to its popularity a waitlist was created.

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