Vitalik Buterin Dislikes Expensive PFP NFTs like BAYC

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Vitalik Buterin Ethereum co founder and the ‘prince of cryptocurrency’ according to Times magazine. Is also an active member of the crypto community. Buterin has been vocal about his thoughts on the Ethereum blockchain and crypto in general. So, it is not surprising that he openly expressed his concerns and thoughts via his Twitter handle yesterday. In the tweet he said:

Some still open contradictions in my thoughts and my values, that I have been thinking about but still don’t feel like I’ve fully resolved.

Vitalik Buterin Dislikes Expensive PFP NFTs

Part of the open contradictions in thought and value which Vitalik Buterin expressed in the tweet include his dislike “of many modern financial blockchain ‘applications'”. And a prime example of this is what he called “$3M Monkeys”. A clear reference to expensive PFP NFTs like the BAYC.

The Paradox of Vitalik Buterin dislike for Expensive PFP NFTs

Furthermore, he expressed the paradox of his dislike. And it is that according to him, he has a “grudging appreciation for the fact that that stuff is a big part of what keeps the crypto economy running and pays for all my favorite cool DAO/governance experiments”.

So despite his dislike for these high-priced PFP NFTs, he still understands that they are a big part of what keeps the Ethereum network going.

Vitalik Buterin Dislikes Expensive PFP NFTs

NFT community especially BAYC holders responds to Buterin

The NFT community responded to the series of contradictions he raised. Some BAYC holders also expressed their opinions to defend the NFT collection.

In his reply to the tweet, Twitter user, @Sucher.eth expressed the fact that NFT PFP is desirable to the market. He said: “The current ‘killer app’ proven desirable to the market = profile picture non-fungible tokens (NFTs)”. He also added that “PFPs will not be the end state for NFTs. IMO, immutable digital certificates on the blockchain will eventually represent most / all physical + digital items”.

Another user who is obviously a BAYC holder @Just1n.eth reprimanded the co-founder for his open “disrespect” to the project. Saying that “It’s about time you put some respect on Bored Ape Yacht Club’s name, they’re apes not ‘monkeys'”. @Just1n.eth also added that “The reality is BAYC is culture and is the most successful NFT collection built on ETH”. He further advised Buterin to “embrace the community for the success that it is, instead of consistently taking your shots”.

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