Azuki Floor Price Reverses following initial slump.

Azuki floor price took a heavy hit following the revelation by the founder. It went through some ups and downs indicating mixed feelings among members of the community.

Azuki floor price recovers after FUD
Azuki collection Credit: Forbes

The Revelation that triggered the slump in Azuki floor price.

Yesterday, the pseudonymous founder of Azuki, Zagabond made a shocking revelation in a blog post. In the post titled “A builder’s journey” he revealed that he had abandoned three failed projects in the past before Azuki. He also added in the blog how much he has learnt from his previous failure.

“Builders must learn from each experience, coming back to the drawing board with something innovative and significant each time.”

He said, and also added that:

“The road to success is unpaved, with many bumps along the way. I joined the crypto space years ago because I believed that the web3 community collectively could shift the balance of power away from centralized web2 companies.”

The NFT Community Reacts

Furthermore, despite the fact that the post was aimed at encouraging Web3 builders to keep building despite the market conditions. It was received with a potpourri of feelings. while some were for him, others called him out for rug pulling.

Zagabond came out to deny the allegations of wrongdoing. After being accused of exhibiting character peculiar to rug pullers in the past.

Azuki floor price responded to the Mixed feelings

Following the revelation, data from Coingecko shows that Azuki floor price plunged from 16.2 ETH to as low as 6.99 ETH early this morning. But the price has since rebounded to about 9.60 ETH as at the time of writing.

The mixed feelings associated with the revelation was evident in the stormy movement of the Azuki floor price. With it rising and falling before finally plunging to as low as 6.99 ETH.

Data from CryptoSlam also shows that Azuki has recorded over US$58 million in sales in the last 24 hours. This makes it the top NFT collection on the Ethereum network, in terms of sales in the last 24 hours.


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