Launch Pass NFT: The NFT Giving Holders an opportunity for space travel

When we thought we have seen it all concerning NFTs, now it is being linked with space travel.

NFT Giving Holders an opportunity for space travel

An outfit called Uplift Aerospace has just announced that collectors of their Launch Pass NFT will get the possibility to trip space aboard New Shepard. this can be Blue Origin’s suborbital rocket.

On the 10th May, Uplift Aerospace will release the NFT collection. In it are 10,921 NFT artworks. the amount represents the Moon’s circumference (in km).

Launch Pass NFT benefits

Once you own the NFT, you’ll apply for employment to fly to space. The Uplift Aerospace team will then screen, process and select eligible applicants. Note that only NFT holders can apply for employment in space. And the team will also select applicants at 11:59 pm EDT on May 22 of this year.
According to the Aerospace team.

“Once a member from the NFT community has been selected from the applications for the spaceflight, all owners of the ten,921 Launch Pass NFTs will have the choice to convert their Launch Pass to a Space+ NFT avatar character called Starborn”.
The Starborn profile pictures (PFPs), built for Space+’s upcoming metaverse, visually represent the longer term of humanity in space.

Space+ say the target of to use web3 technologies to make connections between Earth and Space. The Starborn collection will provide access to real-life experiences. This includes suborbital and Zero-G flights. Plus, rocket launch events, professional networks, and “payload space” for showcasing items on the International orbiter.

Space and Web3

There has been rapid innovation within the private space sector within the past five years. Uplift Aerospace say they’re building the web3 infrastructure needed to form relationships between Earthlings and folks in space
Uplift Aerospace, Inc. commit to jump in early within the space industry to manufacture, trade, and deliver products for a multi-planetary economy.


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