Louis: The Game hits over 2 million downloads.

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Louis: The game to mark Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday

Louis Vuitton celebrated it’s bicentennial birthday in the fashion industry, in 2021 with the launch of the NFT game, Louis: The game. And recent data shows that the game has crossed the 2 million download mark. The game since its release has sparked a lot of response and community engagement worldwide. And also strong acceptance especially with the brand’s legion of followers and customers.

Upcoming Upgrades ToThe Game

Louis: The Game is an experiential digital game. In the game, the player starts at a place called Asnières where the Louis Vuitton family home is. And embarks on a journey that ends in Los Angeles. The fashion company is upgrading the initial version of Louis: The game. But, the details of the upgrade will be made known in the next couple of months.

Furthermore, the game has an avatar character – Vivienne. And this character will help you get to know more about Louis Vuitton, the brand. Also in the game players help Vivienne on her quest while they collect NFT postcards. And travel to different points in glamorous cities such as Paris and London. 

New Features For Louis: The Game

Now, the game is constantly evolving with the release of a new version. Which will include exciting new features such as having celebrity NFTs and new locations. The game now has two expansion levels for those who successfully get to the end. These two levels include the High in the Sky and Radiant City, and they have 10 NFTs to win.

This upgrade is indeed a great news for players. Because players who have successfully advanced to these levels can qualify for new NFTs distributed through a raffle system in August 4 .

The game has various levels of levels. For example, in the second level, the mission is to collect 200 candles. And each of these symbolizes Louis Vuitton history highlights in the fashion world. This is definitely a fun and adrenaline-kicking way to travel back to memory lane with Louis Vuitton highlights.

Finally, the current version of Louis: The Game has 10 new different Vivienne NFTs, two new locations, and more challenges to pump up the player excitement.

Now, the 10 new NFTs on the new version contains amazing artworks from some of the top artists in the NFT space. This includes artists like Wenew Labs, Mike Winkelmann, and Beeple.

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